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About You

You are an Australian organisation looking to invest in your system and technology to improve your efficiency and profitability

You are looking for a highly experienced individuals who can help you with this:

    Some one who's done it before
    Preferably a number of times

You need a solution quickly and you have a restricted budget

You want a solution partner who will there for the long term. Not gone when you need them next

You may have been disappointed with previous IT solution experiences or have a business that is challenged by lack of IT Technology.


About us

We are builders of high quality effective IT solutions - tailored to enhance your business.

We specialise in designing and creating solutions using Windows and the Web using Microsoft technology particularly for urgent or difficult projects.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is our expertise and this means we can create business applications for you surprisingly quickly and inexpensively.

You can also utilise our 20+years of experience in successfull systems to assit you design and architect you solution. Throughout the whole project life cycle.

We can provide all types of IT Technology resources - even business management skills and investment funds.

BMS is situated in Melbourne Australia but we work for organisations throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work.

Please contact us for a free no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements

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Do you have an urgent of difficult project?

We can help


We develop and assist with software for Windows and the Web (using appropriate proven technology).

We are often asked to take on particularly difficult or urgent business software projects.

These can involve working with unclear or rapidly changing specifications and our development methodologies are particularly suited to work of this nature. Experience has shown that projects such as this are best addressed using prototyping techniques.

Modern software tools allow us to build system prototypes that not only help to clarify what is required but can be quickly molded into effective IT systems.

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Project Management

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We're very proud of the organisations that we do business with. Most of them have been our clients for many years and have we have partnered them in multiple projects. We seek to form long term relationships with our clients and many of them have come to rely upon as an important resource.

Integrity and Common Sense

Most important attributes of IT professionals

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If you would like to have a friendly chat about your requirements please feel free to contact Mark Jarzebowski - our Director of Solution Services

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